„Pray for me!“

  Greeting from Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen, Germany

Pope Francis Prayerrally

Cardinal Sin, the former archbishop of Manila, called upon the people to solve important difficulties through prayermeetings . Those prayer initiatives became known under the title „ prayerrally“. In 1986, two million Filipinos went unto the streets praying the rosary to terminate the dictatorship of Marcos. Briefes after, this was being realised peacefully.

Based on these prayerrallys as a role model, we would like to initiative the Pope Francis prayerrally.

With our initiative of prayer for the Holy Father, we want to help him to fullfill his mission for the church and the world in faithfulness and protection. Despite his great popularity, he has according to several vatican insiders, many adversaries and enemies.

On the first day after his election, he already visited the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and consecrated his pontivicate to Our Lady. In the same way he relies on the protection of Saint Joseph and the holy angels. Unforgettable is the day when he consecrated the vatican town to the holy archangel Michael and to Saint Joseph. He asked them for protection and help. (July 05,2013)

„Pray for me!“

Pope Francis addressed these words to the people on Saint Peter’s Square on the day of his election.

„Pray for me!“

Since then , he has continuously asked for it.

Let us take his request seriously and let us build a safety wall around him with our prayers. Everyone prays what he wants. Here are some examples:

We want to invite you to pray The Angel of the Lord at noon, and afterwards praying one Our Father in heaven and one Hail Mary for our Holy Father.

Who wants to do more could pray for example one mystery of the rosary or could make a small sacrifice of fasting for the pope and his mission.

Sister Lucia, one of the seer from Fatima once said :
“There will be no problem which could not be solved by praying the rosary.“

We also ask you to put Pope Francis into the trusting hands of the Mother of God, Saint Joseph and the holy angels on a daily basis. We want to place our prayer initative under the protection and guidance of the former Pope John Paul II. who is now a saint. We thank you fullheartedly for your prayers. God will be grateful.

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 I will pray for Pope Francis and his mission daily

  2422   persons are participating in the prayerrally.

„ And now I want to bless you, but before I want to ask you a favour. Before the bishop will bless his people, I ask you to call on the Lord that He will bless me. The prayer of the people who ask for the blessing of their bishop. In silence let us pray for me.“

Pope Francis on the day of his election (March 13, 2013)

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